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Beeston: Year 7 is a huuuuge group. We regularly get 35 ish - which comes with its challenges. Luckily, we have a good leaders’ team (6-7 of us). The group are diverse and lively. We’ve mainly been doing life stories from the leaders, plus of course lots of games. We had a trip to Laser Zone last week, and will look to do more trips in the New Year (eg ice skating, and a residential in the summer). The Year 8 group meets on Wednesdays and are an exciting bunch. They love playing games and can be quite competitive especially when it is boys v girls. This term, they have been exploring the acronym BE Y.O.U.R.S.E.L.F with the leaders and gaining loads in terms of being affirmed in their identity and potential. They have also been on a trip to Lazerzone Bradford as a half-term treat. 
Mark, Ben, Ed, Anth and Team

Cottingley: This year has seen the Cottingley group involved with Groundworks. They asked if the kids could be involved in designing a mural which would adorn the Cottingley shops area. The young people had full say on what they wanted it to look like and how it would represent the area; they drew all the content which was then sketched onto board and painted. There was an unveiling ceremony by local councillors and it was a very proud day for me and the team.
Sharon, Penny, Janet and Pam

Halton Moor:
In common with all Space groups we have had a busy year.Our numbers have continued to grow over the year and both groups are thriving. 
We have two groups that meet each week and are a mixture of games, craft and thoughts for the day. We supported our year 11s from Corpus Christi through their exams, after a difficult period in school, even helping them with revision and was so proud of their results! They did brilliant! Recent fundraising has included a bag-packing day at Morrisons in Hunslet – a really good effort by all the young people. We have enjoyed several trips out locally, Krispy Kreme was a definite favourite.  We also took 3 of our older girls to Soul Survivor which was a real adventure. They all want to go again and more of the group have expressed an interest in joining them.
Claire, Dave, Phil and Sarah (Bella and Finlay)

Wishing all out supporters all the best for the year ahead!

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