Halton Moor

HALTON MOOR: At Halton Moor we had just got used to our increased numbers – regularly welcoming 10-15 young people each week.  We welcomed Lori to our leadership team who brings so much enthusiasm that we’re delighted she is staying in Leeds following the completion of her first degree. 
We took 5 young people to the residential which was a wonderful chance to spend time with them and get to know them a bit better. 
Then lockdown came.  It was hard to know how to connect – but Instagram seemed to be the preferred channel with the kids.  So I learnt – they taught me! And we have had weekly video chats there – sometimes just a couple of them, sometimes three or four.  Not big numbers, but we’ve been aware of others and have a chat thread going which about 10 of them contribute to from time to time.
We have also sent 18 Easter cards, 5 birthday cards, postcards with encouraging messages several times, small gifts of chocolate and newsletters to keep them and their parents informed.  Since the easing of restrictions we have met up twice in small numbers – outside obviously and it was wonderful to see them (see if you can literally ‘see’ one of them in the picture below!)
We have just said goodbye and thank you to Debbi, who was with us for the year – she hopes to start her degree course at Cardiff in October.

Can you see him?